James Storm And Others Set For TNA World Title Series, Tonight's Impact, Knockouts Stretch

- The latest episode of The Knockouts Workout features the TNA Knockouts talking about the importance of stretching, as seen above.

- TNA posted these videos of Mahabali Shera, Grado, Rockstar Spud ad Aiden O'Shea talking about the World Title Series:

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- Tonight's Impact Wrestling will see the World Title Series continue. The second round of groups and wrestlers will be revealed with their first set of matches taking place and points being awarded. 10 of the wrestlers to be revealed tonight include current NXT star James Storm, Robbie E, Micah, Eli Drake, Abyss, DJ Zema Ion, Davey Richards, Crimson, Tigre Uno and Matt Hardy. As noted, these matches were filmed back in July. The Series is updated by Josh Mathews in this video:


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