James Storm Says He Wasn't Told About Championship Series Despite Being Filmed For It

James Storm recently made his debut for WWE NXT, but he's still being featured on TNA Impact, where he's spent the last 13 years of his career. Despite being in a tournament for the TNA World Title, Storm said he had no clue it'd be happening.

Footage of Storm is being used for TNA's Championship Series Tournament, which was actually filmed back in July. The tournament was apparently planned out well ahead of time, but several members of the roster, Storm included, weren't clued in about it.

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Storm responded to a tweet from a fake Jim Ross account today, saying he was never informed that he was actually in the tournament. Instead, James Storm pushed his appearance on NXT TV, which he says will take place tomorrow.

There have been several theories as to who is winning the tournament, but nothing definitive has been established. It's possible that the tournament could finish up at the tapings in India next month.

James Storm, Austin Aries and Kenny King were all involved in the tournament, although each of the three have went on to wrestle for Ring of Honor or NXT. Rockstar Spud, who has apparently been dealing with visa issues, is also included. Spud and King are current leaders in their groups.


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