James Storm Tweets Stephanie McMahon, Coachman On WWE - ESPN Plans, WWE 2K16 Gameplay Videos

- Above is the WWE 2K16 launch live stream with members of the video game development team from yesterday.

- The latest video from Xavier Woods' WWE-endorsed "UpUpDownDown" YouTube channel features Murpho playing the MyCareer mode in the new WWE 2K16 video game:

- Jonathan Coachman gave fellow former WWE announcer Todd Grisham props for covering for him on ESPN SportsCenter last night. Coach, who was covering the World Series, also told a fan that WWE and ESPN have big plans for their partnership. Grisham tweeted the following on his interview with The Miz:

- In what may be this week's strangest tweet, WWE prospect James Storm complimented Stephanie McMahon on how her hair looks in the WWE 2K16 video game. Storm's original tweet just said, "Your hair is on point."


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