Jeff Jarrett On If Global Force Wrestling Will Help Promote Wrestle Kingdom 10 On PPV

New Japan Pro Wrestling got off to a hot start with pay-per-view in the United States with their Wrestle Kingdom 9 show. The event aired on traditional PPV in the country, with the help of Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling. It doesn't appear as if that will happen in 2016.

Jarrett appeared on the Shake Them Ropes Podcast this week, and was asked about his involvement in Wrestle Kingdom 10. Jarrett said that despite the success, he won't be promoting the event in America next year.

"I don't believe so," Jarrett said. "They launched their streaming service. When we did that deal, it was basically a three part deal: Global Force Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and TV ASAHI. They were happy with it, we were happy with it. I don't know their inner workings, but I'd imagine they're laser focused on their streaming service. As for traditional PPV in the United States, I would imagine TV ASAHI would opt out of doing that and go full force with their own streaming service."

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As hot as their start on traditional PPV was, NJPW's English-language debut was rocky at best this week for King of Pro Wrestling on New Japan World. The stream was mired with buffering issues, turning many viewers of the program off.

Jarrett also spoke about Global Force Wrestling's attempts to get a television deal, and the international agreements they've reached thus far. Jarrett said that he's already reached preliminary agreements to do more shows at minor league baseball stadiums next year.

Be sure to check out Jeff Jarrett's full interview with Shake Them Ropes at this link.

Source: Shake Them Ropes


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