Jerry Lawler And Terry Funk Fireball Spot (Video), Backstage Update On GFW TV Tapings Attendance

- WWE Hall of Famers Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk did a fireball spot in a match at the Lance Russell tribute show in Jackson, Tennessee this weekend. It was billed as Funk's last match. Video is above.

- We noted before that there between 400-500 fans at Friday's GFW TV tapings in Las Vegas. That may be incorrect as The Orleans Arena reported to that there were 2,109 fans in attendance.

It is worth noting that several correspondents estimated between 300 and 500 fans. The Orleans Arena also said over 500 fans came through the turnstile after the show was already underway.

There were fans with free tickets that sort of came and went as they wanted. When the show first started, there were reports of fans being moved up to the first 5 or 6 rows to fill in seats.

Steve Holsten contributed to this article.


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