Jim Cornette Says Vince McMahon Makes Amends With Disgruntled Talent To Serve His "F--king Ego"

On episode 96 of The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette claimed that Vince McMahon's 'best for business' mantra is really an excuse to get one up on people who have wronged McMahon in the past.

Cornette argued that billionaires can basically do as they please, so McMahon can afford to do as he pleases instead of doing what is best for business.

"The one good thing that I will say about billionaires is that they don't have to do s--t they don't want to do. Right? [If] you're a billionaire, why [would you] have to do s--t you don't want to do? Why would you have to associate with anyone you don't want to associate with? Why would you have to go anywhere you don't want to go because you're a f--king billionaire?"

In that way, Cornette believes that McMahon bringing back people who have crossed him is not really doing what is best for business, but rather, doing what McMahon wants to do to satisfy himself.

"People sue him, people walk out on him, people f--k him, people say horrible things about him, and he brings them back, not because it's best for business, but because it's best for his f--king ego". Cornette continued, "Vince McMahon has the worst inferiority complex of anybody in history. I say that because he wants to prove that he will do anything with anybody. He will reconcile with anybody, supposedly if it's best for business, but really so he can get them under his thumb again and he can work with them again. He can prove that they needed him."

During the podcast, Cornette also talked about why women no longer watch professional wrestling and Kenny King's Ring of Honor departure in 2012. To check out the entire show, click here.

Source: The Jim Cornette Experience


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