Jim Ross Talks About Cesaro And Vince McMahon, If Wrestlers Would Have Done MMA, Contracts

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his official website, where he talks about. You can see a few of the answers below, and check out the full section at this link.

Would older shooters have gone to MMA if it were around?

"They all were qualified to be MMA stars without question but they would have followed the money and the longevity of their athletic careers I'm thinking. What I mean is a UFC-like operation would have gotten some of the men you mentioned in all reality but over the long haul a career in pro wrestling is generally longer and can be more lucrative."

Does Vince McMahon think Cesaro is boring?

"I have no idea if that rumor is even true but I love Cesaro's game and feel that he's underutilized."

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Creative in WWE contracts:

"I would never tie in creative with a talent's contract. To me, that is insanity. Creative needs change, talents evolve or not, and to be locked in to a talent having the ability to not run the plays that the team dictates is not smart business.

You can also visit JR's new video page at this link.

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