John Gaburick On TNA Seeking Indian Talents, Great Khali Photo, Ethan Carter III, Robbie E

- TNA posted these videos of Ethan Carter III and Robbie E reacting to their wins over Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards in the World Title Series.

- TNA's Executive Vice-President of Television and Talent Relations John Gaburick spoke with while he, Rebel, Ethan Carter III and Mahabali Shera were in the country on a media tour and talent search this past week. Former WWE star The Great Khali assisted with the talent search. Gaburick commented on TNA looking for stars from India:

"Some of the people I saw yesterday, I saw such enthusiasm and charisma in them, but of course they need a lot work to do, but from this community of India as a whole, I hope to find multiple talents or superstars to have a 'Golden Age' of Indian wrestling to start off right now with Dalip Singh's (The Great Khali) guidance. They have charisma and if you have that, then there is magic and that's what will happen in this market."

- Speaking of Gaburick, he tweeted this photo with The Great Khali from India this past weekend:


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