Lucha Underground Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen spoke with The Richest lately about LU and their upcoming second season. You can check out highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Storylines that can carry over to season 2:

“I think one of the more interesting ones that I think will be what will happen with the Dragon Azteca character and with the Dragon Azteca mask. Who will carry the mantle? One of the legendary myths that we play with is the idea of the seven Aztec tribes. Clearly one of those tribes is Dragon Azteca tribe and will they now seek revenge with Dario Cueto and Black Lotus? That obviously comes to mind.

“Mil Muertes and Catrina taking over the temple and possessing all of the original Aztec gold is obviously a major storyline. Dario Cueto on the run and what that means for the temple and his future makes for a great storyline.

“Obviously everyone’s favorite Pentagon Jr. who has been unleashed and on the loose and how we handle that ? especially with his relationship with Vampiro. That is definitely something that a lot of people are going to want to know and we’ll be addressing that in the early episodes as well.”

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Casting Lucha Underground:

“I can say we are looking for more females. We have Sexy Star and Ivelisse, and Ivelisse had a broken foot for half the season. It’s no secret that were hoping to work something out with Triple A and with Rey Mysterio. But we’re hoping that a lot of our guys are coming back. Not everyone is coming back, but were hoping that a lot of them will.

“It would be slightly hypocritical to say we have to only have Latin talent. Obviously we want to have people that can Lucha and who are familiar with the style. At our core, and in our name it’s Lucha Underground, but we look for versatility. We look for guys that, if not trained in classical Lucha style like a lot of our Triple A guys are, we at least want them versatile enough where they can work the lucha style.

“That’s why guys like Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo and even Brian Cage are fairly valuable to us because they can go with anybody. They can go with the American wrestlers and they can go with the lucha guys and everybody looks great.

“Personally, I kind of like the guys that don’t fit the mold. Guys like the Willie Mack and Matt Cross. Guys that don’t fit, what you would consider the WWE standards. We’re not trying to compete with them. We are trying to compete in the areas where they are not.”