Michelle Beadle On Brock Lesnar In Real Life, Beadle's Boyfriend On AJ Lee, Stephen Amell Returning?

In the video above, Christy Sports was at the 5th Annual Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills and caught up with ESPN Sportsnation host Michelle Beadle, who interviewed Brock Lesnar this past March when Lesnar revealed that he would be re-signing with WWE instead of heading back to the UFC. Beadle was asked how Lesnar was in real life, and she noted that he was very nice and shy.

"He likes to make little jokes, but he does it so quietly, that it's sort of a bizarre juxtaposition from what we see when we're watching the shows," Beadle said. "He's awesome, like you don't want to like him, but you do."

Beadle's boyfriend, Steve Kazee, was with her on the red carpet and was asked about Eva Marie since he's an NXT fan. He noted that he's not a "Divas" guy, although he liked the Four Horsewomen. He also said that Nikki Bella surpassing AJ Lee's record as the longest reigning Divas champion went over really well in his house, a nod to Beadle's past problems with AJ and former-boyfriend, CM Punk. Beadle quickly agreed, and admitted to being a fan of Nikki's.

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Also in the video, Stephen Amell's Arrow co-star, Charlotte Ross, was interviewed about Amell's WWE wrestling debut at SummerSlam last August. Ross noted that Amell was into fitness, and that he is "getting ready to go again."


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