More On Hulk Hogan's "Beach" Restaurant Closing

- As Sean noted earlier, Hulk Hogan's "Hogan's Beach" restaurant in Tampa, Florida closed on Friday. reports that the restaurant is expected to be re-branded and re-named, ending their affiliation with The Hulkster. They stated that the restaurant is still open and serving customers under the Hogan name, and that there is no solid timetable for the changes to happen.

Owner Ben Mallah, a real estate investor, said Hogan's Beach and the Best Western-Bay Harbor-Tampa hotel it's next to are being sold but the sale is not guaranteed until closing. Even without the sale, Hogan's Beach is expected to be re-branded.

Mallah did say the changes have nothing to do with Hogan's recent troubles. He said Hogan, who could not be reached for comment, licenses his name to the restaurant but has no ownership interest. Mallah commented:

"We've had a two-and-a-half-year run with that brand. It's time for a new brand. Everything changes."


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