Mystic 2.0 Speaks Out On Leaving AAA, Blames Them For Not Giving Him A New Contract, More

The former Sin Cara, former Mistico, and now former Myzteziz, now known as Mystic 2.0 appeared at a Lucha Libre Elite press conference last week where he revealed his new name.

Mystic said that his new character look will be a mix of all of his previous ones, although he owns the rights to his Myzteziz mask.

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Regarding AAA, Mystic said that he didn't have a contract with AAA, and had been asking one for several months. He seemed surprised that AAA didn't want him to fulfill his remaining dates, despite the fact that he showed up in CMLL.

Mystic also said that he didn't try to recruit anyone from AAA, and said the rumors of Argenis and Argos leaving the company are incorrect. He said he'd like to face the new Mistico, maybe even for the rights to the name.


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