NXT Superstars & Divas On WWE Main Roster, Lowest Price Ever On WWE 2K15, Kevin Owens

- PC users can get WWE 2K15 at its lowest price point ever this weekend, as the game is currently only $12.49 on Steam. For that you get the game, both the NXT and WCW character packs, three additional Showcase storylines, new moves and the character accelerator.

And just as a reminder, WWE 2K16 is set for console release on October 27th.

- WWE.com has a new poll up asking fans which NXT Superstars and Divas they want to see on the main roster. NXT Champion Finn Balor leads the pack with 27% of the vote, followed by Samoa Joe at 17%, and Sami Zayn tied with NXT Women's Champion Bayley at 14% each. Tyler Breeze and Enzo Amore were honorable mentions.

- If you're not following Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens on Twitter, here's a reminder of why you probably should be. Owens is in St. Louis for tonight's WWE Live event at the Scottrade Center.

Apparently Owens' parents will be in attendance at the North Shore Pro Wrestling 7th Anniversary event in Quebec tonight, as the champ asked Johnny Gargano not to dive on them during the show. TNA veteran Bobby Roode will also be working the event.


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