Paige Curses During Seth Rollins Interview, WWE Diva Back To Work At The Performance Center

- In the video above, Sam Roberts talks to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for his podcast. Paige and WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens make a random appearance in an elevator that opens up and Paige pops her head out, saying "hey motherf--kers." The curse word is edited out but that's what was said. Rollins tells her she can't use "f words" and calls her "such a classy lady."

This comes just a week or so after Paige dropped "f bombs" during a live Q&A with fans on Facebook.

- We noted recently that Cameron was taking some time away from WWE and would be focusing on her new "Wrong #" anti-bullying campaign. It looks like WWE is putting her back to work as she's training at the WWE Performance Center today. Cameron tweeted the following and says she owes it to her fans to perfect her craft:


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