Paige Talks Turning On Becky Lynch And Charlotte, If She Attacked Natalya, The Divas Revolution

- As seen above, this week's sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Paige. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks Paige what has happened to the old her. Paige says she's still the history maker she was, she's still the same. She says Cole has been listening to people on the internet. Paige talks about how busy she's been and Cole brings up her turning on Becky Lynch and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte on RAW. Paige feels like Becky and Charlotte came to the main roster and this has all gone to their heads. She says they need to be taken down a notch or two and they need to listen to a veteran like her. Paige says they have shown her no respect. Paige brags about what she's accomplished and being on Conan. Paige says she broke the mold and they need to respect her.


* Paige says Cole doesn't know what Charlotte is really like. She says Charlotte is cocky, arrogant and full of ego. Paige is just trying to teach her to be humble and hungry because that's what she needs. Cole says Paige should follow her own advice and she says she does, that's why she's trying to teach Becky and Charlotte.

* Cole agrees with some that Paige didn't start the Divas Revolution. He give props to Natalya and Nikki Bella. Paige downplays them both and says she did start the Divas Revolution, she broke the mold. Cole says Paige vs. Natalya will happen on this week's SmackDown. Paige says that's great but she will use Natalya's ring rust to her advantage. Cole brings up the recent backstage attack and asks Paige if she is the one who attacked Natalya. Paige says she did not attack Natalya and she has bigger things to worry about than Natalya.