Promoter Accuses Tyrus Of Stealing Money From Cancelled Tour Appearances, Tyrus Responds

This past Friday, Danny Warren of the Canada-based CWE promotion issued a lengthy, scathing statement on TNA star Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay), who he claims took money for a booking, refused to communicate for weeks at a time, and then never returned the money after cancelling said booking at the "last minute".

Warren paid the former WWE Superstar a $250 deposit, with the rest to be paid during the tour, which ran four shows between August 26-29.

"Fast forward to almost tour time. For over a week I am trying to reach Brodus via telephone, text, and e-mail to book his flight and to connect him with some media that needs to be done for the tour to no avail," he said via the official CWE Facebook account. "Finally, just a matter of weeks before the tour I get a response via text that 'just this morning' TNA required him over in Japan during my tour and he would send back the deposit."

However, Warren claims the money was never sent back, despite numerous attempts to collect on his part. "...we are two months past the actual tour and even longer since his cancellation and claim the deposit would be sent back. In response to Brodus no longer returning contact I make contact with Bob Ryder from TNA in hopes of some resolution."

Tyrus, who is an active and confirmed member of the r/SquaredCircle Reddit community, posted from his account that he informed the promotion of his cancellation a full three weeks prior to the tour. "...not only did this guy continue to advertise that i was going to be there via print promotions he did online as well which could of easily been updated. I kept telling him to stop advertising that i was going to be there or i wouldn't return his $250 deposit but he continued to and sold tickets claiming i was going to be there. Day of the event he told fans i cancelled last minute and it wasn't his fault i wasn't there so i was the asshole not him."

Warren claims that because the tour was "in full promotional swing" there just wasn't a "cost effective" way to change the advertising to "reach the masses" in time.

To his credit, Tyrus maintains that he has in fact returned the original $250. "His deposit was returned but in a desperate attempt for attention he is running this BS anywhere he can. Side note - he changed the pay last second as well for the wrestlers who did do the show."


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