Ring Of Honor TV Recap (10/7): Okada Vs. Roderick Strong, Briscoes, Alex Shelley Loses Teeth

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV! Tonight's show features matches from the company's Field of Honor show.

TimeSplitters vs. Briscoe Brothers

The Briscoes were really, really into their entrance. They double team KUSHIDA early on, and isolate them in their corner of the ring. KUSHIDA comes back, and he and Alex Shelley take control as we go to a break. We come back to see KUSHIDA accidentally attack Shelley before turning his attention to Mark Briscoe's arm.


Shelley comes in and gets his teeth literally busted out by the Briscoes, but keeps on wrestling. KUSHIDA gets the hot tag, and takes out both Briscoes, and nails Jay with a handspring elbow. he applies the Hoverboard Lock to Mark, but Jay breaks it up. Jay gets double teamed and booted in the face for his troubles.

The Briscoes take control and repeatedly splash the TimeSplitters in the corner. They then hit an crucifix bomb neckbreaker that the crowd seemed like they wanted as the finish. Jay Driller on Shelley for the win. Poor Alex Shelley.

Winners: Briscoes via pinfall (Jay Driller)

- We get highlights of Cedric Alexander vs. Watanabe. Watanabe gets the win with a huge STO. Really, one of the biggest STO's I've ever seen. He was given a TV title shot for winning the match.


- We see this week's edition of Inside ROH.

Okada vs. Roderick Strong

Strong kicks things off with a big dropkick, but only gets a two count. He works over Okada's back until the two end up outside the ring, where Strong backdrops Okada across a plastic guard rail and into the crowd. Okada struggles to get back into the ring and is worked over more when he finally does.

Okada fires back with a DDT, then follows up with a huge flapjack for two. Strong isn't fazed and gets a two count of his own off of an inverted back suplex. Strong ends up getting dropkicked to the outside of the ring after going for a Sick Kick, which sends us to the final commercial break of the show.

We come back to see Okada land an over-the-shoulder-neckbreaker, but Strong comes back with an Olympic Slam and several big forearms. After a quick battle, Strong almost gets a pin off of a superplex, but ends up settling for a Strong Hold. Okada is stuck in it for about 30 seconds before finally making it to the ring ropes.

Strong scores about four knees in a row, but Okada kicks out. He spikes Strong into the mat with two Tombstones and a German Suplex before hitting the Rainmaker for the win.

Winner: Okada via pinfall (Rainmaker)