Road Warrior Animal On If He Was Mad At Demolition, Points Out Differences Between Teams

Imitation happens pretty often in professional wrestling, but seems to rarely work these days. However, WWE's version of the Road Warriors, Demolition, went on to be one of the most successful teams in history.

Road Warrior Animal spoke to WrestleTalkTV recently about the comparisons between the two, and if he or Hawk held any contempt towards Bill Eadie (Ax) or Barry Darsow (Smash) about using the gimmick.

"I knew both guys," Animal said. "I've known Smash since high school. For me to get mad at a friend is ridiculous. If you can make money in wrestling, most careers are five years. Here I am 32 years later and people still think of us as a top team ever. It blows my mind. Business is business."

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Despite not holding any contempt towards Ax, Smash, and later Crush for the gimmick, Animal couldn't help but to point out differences between the two teams, and take a little shot at Demolition.

"We were content with the Road Warriors being the Road Warriors," explained Animal. "Often imitators, never duplicators. We were really two guys from a bar going to a wrestling ring. They were two wrestlers trying to be tough guys. We had big spikes, they had little rhinestones that were set. The little baby ones."

The Road Warriors, then known as the Legion of Doom, went on to quickly dispose of Demolition upon their arrival in WWE. Crush was given a change of persona, while Smash went on to become the Repo Man.

You can see video of Animal's comments above.


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