ROH TV Recap (10/21): Jay Briscoe In A No DQ Match, ANX Vs. Addiction, Kingdom Speaks Out, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. Tonight's main event is a No DQ match between Adam Page and Jay Briscoe.

ANX vs. Addiction (w/ Chris Sabin)

Sabin is throwing paper wads at Titus to start the match. Kazarian cheap shots Kenny King, but ends up eating a quick back elbow from the former TNA X-Divison champ. Sabin trips King, but then Kaz is sent flying over the top onto Sabin. The referee then sends Chris Sabin to the back, which allows ANX to gain some momentum with a couple of inverted atomic drop/clothesline combos.

We come back from a commercial to see Daniels hit a BME, but he pins Titus with one foot, and that doesn't work out for him. He and Kaz still work over Titus briefly, until he makes a hot tag to Kenny King. Kenny is a house of fire, laying out Daniels with a spinebuster that gets two. Addiction drops both members of ANX, and regain control of the match.

A KRD masked man comes out, but he's chased by Daniels. Titus takes advantage and ANX hit the One Night Stand for the win.

Winners: ANX via pinfall (One Night Stand)

- Kingdom come out to the ring dressed in black suits and dresses. Bennett tells a story about a snake and a farmer, which the crowd craps all over. Basically, the snake bit the farmer after the farmer took care of him. Cole says he was the better member of Future Shock, and he's mad that Kyle O'Reilly, Michael Elgin and AJ Styles wer listed as a contender for the ROH Title and he wasn't.

reDRagon both come out and say they're going to take the tag titles and take out Adam ole. Michael Elgin comes out to even the odds. They clear the ring of the heels.

No DQ Match
Adam Page vs. Jay Briscoe

Briscoe beats the hell out of Page, as Whitmer joins commentary. Page blasts Briscoe over the head with a chair, but then eats one of his own. Mark Briscoe comes out and steals Whitmer's crutch and takes it to the back. Page DDTs Jay through a chair as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to see Page in control, but that doesn't really last long, as Briscoe puts him through a table with a double foot stomp. Back in the ring, Briscoe scores with a neckbreaker. Briscoe sets up a table in the corner, but gets a three quarter nelson pumphandle suplex right through it from Page for a two count.

Page hits the shooting star shoulder block on Briscoe, which gets "You still suck" chants from the San Antonio crowd. He catches an elbow to the face while flying through the air, and gets walloped over the head with another chair. Jay Driller through a table outside, and somehow Page kicks out. The crowd and the announcers go nuts. Another in the ring gets it done.

Winner: Jay Briscoe via pinfall (Jay Driller)

Whitmer hits Jay Briscoe with his crutch repeatedly after the match, and Steve Corino gets in the ring and goes face-to-face with Whitmer. He knocks out Whitmer with one punch and puts his jacket back on. Corino hugs Kevin Kelly and leaves. This was great.


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