Roman Reigns Says The Rock Knew What The Reaction Would Be At Royal Rumble, Talks Harsh Philly Crowd

Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns spoke to Hot 97 earlier this week to promote Susan G Komen and breast cancer awareness. During the interview, Reigns spoke about his experience at this year's Royal Rumble, and how the crowd turned on him.

"It was rough. It's crazy because it was one of the most special nights of my life, but it didn't go exactly like I'd hoped or planned. So it was emotional. It was a roller coaster," Reigns said of the harsh reaction from the WWE Universe.

Reigns said that he did his best to not let the reaction get the best of him, and that he has to numb himself to things like that so he doesn't get his feelings hurt.

"When you're out there in that ring, there's a lot of emotion and passion going on. I love what I do. I love this form of art. So to get that negative response, it can hurt your feelings," Reigns said.

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Reigns also spoke about The Rock being brought to the show to endorse him. Reigns says he's pretty sure that The Rock knew what he was getting into when he was asked to come to the show.

"I think he had a good idea. With social media, with so many different outlets and platforms that we have now, you can kind of get a taste of what's happening, the way people are swinging and where you're falling. Leading up, for weeks I could see it developing and the movement getting stronger. I knew I wasn't going to be a popular guy that night. I didn't realize it was going to be so strong," Reigns said, opening himself up for 'Roman Reigns-strong' joke. Reigns then noted that the WWE sometimes has hard fans.

You can see the full interview above.


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