Samoa Joe Featured On WWE Network Show, John Cena And The Rock's WWE Rivalries, Corey Graves

- A new episode of WWE Rivalries will premiere on the WWE Network this coming Tuesday at 5pm EST, featuring The Rock and John Cena. The synopsis reads like this:

"Once-in-a-Lifetime superstars engage in a polarizing rivalry and develop respect for one another while headlining consecutive WrestleManias."

- A new "Table For 3" will premiere on the WWE Network this Wednesday at 4pm EST with Samoa Joe and former WWE NXT Champions Bo Dallas and Neville. Here's the description:

"Bo Dallas, Neville and Samoa Joe discuss breaking into WWE and life as an NXT Superstar."

- The next "Culture Shock" with Corey Graves premieres on the WWE Network at 4:30pm EST on Wednesday with Graves visiting Comic Con in New York City. Here's the synopsis:

"Watch as Corey Graves explores NY Comic Con to meet some unique characters and talk with some familiar faces."


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