Savio Vega Talks Racially Based Storylines, Owen Hart Stories, Ribbing Undertaker About Fears

Former WWE Superstar Savio Vega recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where he spoke out about several points in his career. You can see highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Ribbing Undertaker about his fear of cucumbers:

"Oh yes, Undertaker hated cucumbers. He absolutely hated them. It was like kryptonite to superman"

The racially based Nation, Boricuas, DOA storyline:

"The idea was from the company to have that done because that was when Farooq fired Crush and fired me, so we had this match. It was a good match until we did the neck breaker and I fell one way and Farooq fell the other. The idea came from the company.

"I see nothing malicious from what was done in the story. There was nothing racist there. I loved the Nation of Domination, to be honest. I had so much fun working with that group as a heel. But did we see something racist there? No, not at all. If there was, I missed it. These were all good factions."

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Owen Hart and British Bulldog stories:

"The fun moments were always with the British Bulldog, Davey Boy and Owen. God bless their souls. They must be making everyone laugh where they are. One time was with Mike Chioda in England when he was passed out. And here comes Davey Boy sitting next to Chioda. He was passed out sleeping. Davey Boy grabbed his clippers and shaved him. Chioda wakes up, sees what happens, jumped in the elevator and went straight to the airport.

"Another time in Singapore, Davey grabbed Dink (from Doink and Dink), and tied him in a chair and put foam all over his face and head and everything. And he put him in the middle of the hallway and he was there for a couple of minutes.

"Another time, Owen was leaving the arena somewhere and he got stopped by the police and the driver was Lex Luger. So we start talking to Luger and Owen said, "f--k you!" from the backseat. And the police said, "What did you say?" And Lex said, "I said nothing!" And Owen said again, "f--k you!" Lex was taken out of the car with his legs spread and arms behind his back. The police were in on the joke with Owen and Lex was pisssssed. Everything was a happy moment with those guys."


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