Seth Rollins Talks Sting's Injury Being "Bad Timing In His Situation," Sting's Recovery, More

Recently on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins talked about facing Sting at WWE Night of Champions and whether he prefers facing off against veteran professional wrestlers or younger performers.

Rollins said it was an honor for him to wrestle against Sting at Night of Champions.

"It was an amazing experience for me to get to step into the ring with somebody I dressed up [as for] Halloween. I mean, I was Sting two years in a row when I was like 13, 14, so it was pretty rad to be in there with a legend like that."

On the subject of Sting getting injured taking the bucklebomb, Rollins stated that it was a very scary moment and that Sting gave him no indication that he was injured right away.

"Ironically enough, Sting got a 'stinger'. It happens to all of us, but it was just bad timing in his situation." Rollins added, "we got through it and he's a professional."

Rollins claimed that the bucklebomb is a safe move and that what happened to Sting was a freak accident, though Sting's age may have played a role in the injury.

"I mean nothing against Sting - he's in phenomenal condition, but he's also a 56 year old man." Rollins continued, "I have taken the bucklebomb myself many times. It's just one of those things. It's a freak accident."

While feeling badly about the situation, Rollins indicated that Sting will be fine.

"I feel terrible. I was definitely concerned about his health, still am, but after tests and everything, he seems to be okay, so it's all good." Rollins also said, "he's going to make a good recovery".

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When asked whether he prefers to work with the veterans or the younger wrestlers, Rollins said that he has no preference.

"Sting, Kane, even John Cena, these guys have a wealth of knowledge and they're experienced, so it's incredible to get in there and be able to perform with them. And the fact that they can still go on such a high level is pretty impressive as well. But, at the same time, you love getting in there and mixing it up with guys who are fresh, so there's really no preference, I guess you would say. I like doing what I do."

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


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