Sheamus On How Much Beer He Can Drink, Nikki Bella On John Cena Changing Her Diet, More

- In the video above, TMZ catches up with Sheamus. When asked if he was afraid of UFC Superstar Conor McGregor, Sheamus stated that he wasn't "afraid of anyone." He also said that he can drink a lot of beer, "more than you can ever drink in your life." When asked for a specific number of beers that he can drink in a day, he joked that he loses count after 15.

- Speaking of Sheamus, we noted last week that he was featured on Angela Scanlon's Close Encounters show in Ireland on RTE2. You can watch the episode at this link.

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- Move Nourish Believe interviewed The Bella Twins earlier this month regarding their workout and diet. During the interview, Nikki Bella credited John Cena for turning her diet around.

"I grew up as an athlete and in an athletic family," Nikki said. "I was always familiar with workouts, hard work and eating right, but honestly the major 'aha' moment of truly eating right was when I started dating my boyfriend, John Cena. He just showed me a whole new way of life, a way to truly enjoy eating right and working out. I feel I can finally see the results physically that I have always wanted."


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