Stephanie McMahon Fights Back Tears, Explains Why She Cried At NXT TakeOver: Respect

Stephanie McMahon, who's played in authority role throughout the WWE main roster's "Divas Revolution" spoke to and WWE's Youtube about how emotional she was during tonight's NXT TakeOver: Respect show.

Stephanie was seen crying after the main event and the show. She was asked what brought on the tears.

"Pride brought the tears," Stephanie said. I'm still kind of crying. It was such an amazing night. Respect indeed. When you consider the Dusty Cup and what that all means. Seeing his wife in the middle of that ring."

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She also spoke about the heavily promoted Bayley vs. Sasha Banks Iron Man main event, and said that the match exceeded her expectations.

"It was more than worthy of the main event. I'm so proud of those women, I'm so proud of NXT, everyone involved in NXT, our fans. I got to sit in the crowd and be a part of it. I'm such a fan, that's why I'm crying," Stephanie said. "It absolutely over-delivered."

When asked about where female wrestling in WWE goes from this point, Stephanie said the sky is the limit, and brought up the fact that several of the women have mentioned that they want to main event WrestleMania.

"The sky's the limit where we go from here. I've heard all these women say they want to headline WrestleMania. The only place to go is up," Stephanie said.


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