Sting Q&A Highlights: How He's Doing Since His Injury, Ceiling Entrance, His Favorite Performers

Reddit SquaredCircle user BlinkJC attended a Sting Q&A in Glasgow this week, and posted a full report of the night. You can see highlights below, and the full post at this link.

How he's doing since his injury:

His response was something along the lines of "I feel great, I feel normal, however the MRI's are showing things and the Doctors I'm speaking to are telling me I'm not great. Basically It's my neck and I'll have to get it dealt with."

Entering from the ceiling:

The first time he did it he had to land in the ring at a very specific time, so he was hanging over the rafters waiting, with a stuntman wearing a radio headset to tell them when to go. He said the signal was really fuzzy and all of a sudden the stuntman started shouting, "Go, go right now, go" so Sting was holding onto the fence bracing to jump when the stuntman grabbed onto him suddenly and pulled him back over. He then said he watched him untangle the rope and do something with it, then tell sting to go. Sting jumped this time (Without hitting the brakes and spinning) and it was a success. However after the show Sting said he asked the stuntman why he grabbed him and adjusted the rope, and the guy said "I had the rope hooked up through the clip backwards. If you'd have dropped when I told you to, you'd have fell."

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Sting's favorite performers today:

Another question he was asked was who is the best wrestler in the roster today and he couldn't praise Seth Rollins enough. A quote was "I've never been in the ring with anyone as good". After night of champions he was in the back of an ambulance and said Seth came running and was mortified he had hurt Sting. Sting told him not to worry about it and then said that Seth had a big speech planned for Sting after their match but this wasn't how he envisioned telling Sting. He told him he dressed as him for Halloween as a kid and had been watching him since he was 12 and how honored he was to have worked with him. Anyway, Sting said Seth was very upset at the injury but Sting couldn't talk more highly of him. Bray Wyatt also got a mention as someone Sting thinks will go far.


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