Tazz On Why Finn Balor Was In Front Of TNA Headquarters, Triple H Taking Balor Under His Wing

Recently, on The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond, Taz talked about Finn Bálor tweeting the photo below last week of himself striking a DX inspired pose outside of the TNA offices in Nashville, Tennessee. As we previously reported, Bálor performed a DX 'crotch chop' outside of TNA headquarters prior to the NXT live event in Nashville.

According to Taz, the picture only came to fruition because the WWE bus broke down near TNA headquarters. Taz said that a friend with NXT texted him to tell him that the WWE bus broke down in front of TNA's office building shortly before Bálor tweeted the picture.

"Before Finn pumped this thing out on Twitter, someone had contacted me and said, 'hey, the bus, our bus, stopped in Nashville right in front of the TNA office.' I think it was a coincidence," Taz said. "From what I hear from people I've talked to, not just my one buddy, somebody else at TNA [also], it actually was a coincidence!"

Taz explained that the building where TNA headquarters is located is only a block or two away from Interstate 65 and that the highway is the gateway to downtown Nashville.

"So when you get off of the highway there, you're right near this big building [where TNA headquarters is located], which is pretty cool," Taz expalined. "I guess the [WWE] bus either broke down, or had a problem, or had to stop for whatever reason, literally, in front of that building."

Also, Taz speculated the Bálor must have received approval from WWE brass before tweeting the photo, as doing so without permission would likely result in heat from the office.

"I would assume Finn had to get clearance before that got pumped out." Taz added, "otherwise he probably had a little heat because I thought it was cool."

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Taz's speculation was confirmed by Triple H, who stated during his NXT TakeOver: Respect conference call that Bálor asked him for permission before tweeting the picture. Triple H, whose DX stable 'invaded' WCW Monday Nitro live on an episode of WWE Monday Night RAW during the Attitude Era, apparently called Bálor's photo light-hearted fun.

Taz went on to say that Bálor is the perfect person to do the DX 'crotch chop' in front of TNA offices as a salute to Triple H for both his role in the Attitude Era and his involvement in the future of professional wrestling with NXT.

"NXT is Triple H's baby and Finn is kind of like the hood ornament of that company, and rightfully so, he's a stud, so you can see that Triple H kind of took him under his wing, which is a good move by Triple H."

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Source: The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond


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