Recently on Talk Is Jericho, ‘Y2J’ spoke with the Dudley Boyz. Bubba Ray and D-Von addressed the misconception that they were released from WWE on ‘Black Friday’ in July 2005. Also, they disclosed what their names were supposed to be in TNA and talked about their triumphant return to WWE.

According to Bubba Ray, the Dudley Boyz were never released from WWE. Rather, they failed to come to terms on a new deal with WWE and the company incorrectly claimed they were released.

“[WWE] kind of lumped us into that ‘Black Friday’ where they said, ‘oh, the Dudleys were released also’ and that was totally untrue. We were negotiating with them and we got really close to coming to a new deal, but at the end, we just couldn’t agree on a couple of things, so we just agreed to go our separate ways, so we didn’t sign a new deal. We were never released.” Bubba Ray added, “there was definitely a spirited conversation between me and Johnny Ace [also known as John Laurinaitis, former WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Relations].”

When Bubba Ray and D-Von moved to TNA, they could not take their WWE names with them, as WWE purchased ECW intellectual property out of bankruptcy court. Instead, their TNA names were originally planned to be Brother Ray and Brother Devon, the Deadly Brothers.

“It was close enough, but just different enough, so we actually had merchandise made and everything. And about a week before we were supposed to debut for TNA, word of our name got out on the internet and I was really, really annoyed with that, that it got out there and I just got pissed.” Bubba Ray continued, “and I always knew we had Team 3D to fall back on, so I said, ‘screw it. Lets just call ourselves Team 3D.'”

D-Von said that returning to WWE was only a matter of time, as their plan was always to go back to WWE.

“There was unfinished business and everybody comes back at least once or twice and being we had only come through the doors once, it was only fitting that we come back again a second time because we still can go [and] we still look good. I mean, we’re in better shape now than we were 15, 20 years ago, and not to mention, we’re a lot smarter.”

Bubba Ray stated that being a surprise entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble match in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was a great opportunity to set the wheels in motion for the Dudley Boyz to return to WWE.

“Even though I would have liked to have come back with D-Von, I said, ‘this is an opportunity for me to go back and remind the WWE that the people still know who the Dudleys are’. So, [I] went back and I was in that ring for five minutes and that was all that we really needed.”

Bubba Ray said that he was hidden in a tour bus with ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page and the Boogeyman all day to keep his appearance secret.

“I love DDP. I love him as a person, I love him as a wrestler, but there is only so much you can hear about yoga.” Bubba Ray joked, “and then it gets to a point where he gets you on the floor and he tries to put your own foot behind your head!”

Bubba Ray suggested that their WWE return has worked out nicely and their mission now is to help build the future of tag team wrestling in WWE. Apparently, Vince McMahon met with the Dudley Boyz upon their return to the company to remind them that their job is to help mold WWE’s young tag teams.

“We want to do whatever it takes to help every other team get to the level that we were given the opportunity to get to, or the Hardys or Edge & Christian, and maybe one day see a new golden age of tag team wrestling. And if we can lend our name, our credibility, our experience, our whatever, to all of these guys, then job well done.” Bubba Ray continued, “and there are a lot of cool teams here [in WWE] right now. The New Day is doing a fantastic job. They’re really, really entertaining. The Prime Time Players are doing well. I really enjoy the Lucha Dragons and [Los Matadores]. And once the Usos are back together, there are guys out there, that if we can hit at the right time, the right mix of guys in the ring, we might be able to do some good stuff.”

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Source: Talk Is Jericho

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