The Patriot Talks About Jim Cornette's Booking, Buff Bagwell, Backstage Stories From WWF

Former WWF Superstar The Patriot participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything this week. You can check out some highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Keeping in touch with Buff Bagwell:

"Mark is a good guy. I stay in contact with him and communicate with him regularly. He was a pro and he trained hard, he was serious about his diet and nutrition. Never understood why he had heat with a lot of the boys; maybe they were just jealous of his looks and all the attention from the ladies.

"It was good traveling with him because his memory was incredible -- if he'd been to a city before, he knew the way from the airport to the hotel, to the gym. We never got lost, the guy could remember everything."

Jim Cornette complaining about The Patriot's momentum being slowed down:

"I know Jim had big, big creative differences. But I don't know how you could've come in with any more momentum than I did. I came in and was working with the top guy in the company, the guy with the belt. Maybe he didn't agree with the way everything was done, but nothing beats coming in and working with the top guy."

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Davey Boy Smith taking a dump in food:

"Yeah, I do, but I think for all parties involved, it's best to keep it G Rated. We had food catered to us on Mondays before the show. They'd leave it out throughout the day. There were a couple of guys who had the habit of taking peoples' to go meals and taking a dump in them. The British Bulldog was good about that."


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