The Terminator's WWE 2K16 Entrance Video, Randy Orton Breakout RKO's, WWE 2K16 First Impressions

- WWE 2K16 features a new "Breakout" system that allows the user to interrupt their opponent's entrance and attack them to get the action started a bit quicker. Above is a video courtesy of Smacktalks, showing off the new feature with none other than "The Viper" himself, Randy Orton.

- The review embargo on WWE 2K16 has just been lifted as of this morning, and with 2K sending out little-to-no advance copies to critics this year, we are still awaiting the final scores for most major gaming websites. However, the early reception seems to be generally positive, with most critics praising the game's massive roster, the return of several key match types and game modes, and an improved creative suite overall. The gameplay is a mixed bag, with some praising the more slow-paced, simulated in-ring work and the new, limited reversal system, while others aren't as thrilled with the changes - that ultimately comes down to what style of wrestling game you prefer playing. You can check out our own Sean Ross Sapp's complete review of the game as well.

- If you pre-ordered this year's game, you'll receive a download code for two versions of Arnold Schwarznegger dressed as the T1 and T2 models of The Terminator. Check out both entrances and a little bit of the "Governator" in action below.


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