TNA Bound For Glory: Eric Young Vs. Kurt Angle (No DQ Match)

- JB is backstage with special referee Jeff Hardy, who says he will make the rest of the zebras proud tonight. Hardy tells his creatures of the night to mount up.

- We get a video package for Kurt Angle's return match.


No DQ Match: Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle

Christy Hemme says this match will be a No Disqualification Match. Eric Young makes his way out first. Kurt Angle is out next to a big pop.

EY takes the mic and tells them to shut Angle's "crap" off. Fans are chanting Angle's name. EY says Angle is hurt and we all know it. EY says Angle knows he's got no problem taking Angle away from these sick pigs, and his wife and kids. EY says he's a world class wrestler and he's God. He gives Angle one chance to leave before he ends him forever. Angle grabs the mic and says if anyone could end his career, it would be EY. That's why he talked to Dixie Carter earlier today and this is now an Anything Goes, No DQ match. Angle nails him with the mic and they start going at it.


They go to the floor and make their way into the crowd brawling. Angle knocks EY back over the barrier and he hits hard. They bring it in the ring and Angle takes control. EY blocks a second German suplex but Angle comes back with a belly to belly. Angle sends EY to the floor for a pop. Angle follows and EY slams his face into the steps. EY brings it back in the ring and Angle rocks him. EY piledrives Angle on his neck and he rolls to the floor. Angle clutches his neck and sells the injury. TNA officials and trainers along with EMTs come out to check on him.

A doctor calls off the match as Angle is helped to his feet and fans chant his name. EY comes from behind and lays everyone out, including the doctor. He threatens the EMTs and they hurry to the back. EY brings Angle back to the ring and Hebner checks on him. EY brings a steel chair into the ring and nails Angle in the face with it as he stands up. EY tosses Angle to the floor. EY looks to piledrive Angle on the exposed floor but Angle counters and hits a German on EY. Hebner checks on Angle again. They come back in and hits three more Germans. Angle goes on and gets a 2 count. Fan chant for Angle but he runs int an uppercut. EY sends Angle shoulder first into the turnbuckles twice. EY goes to the top and nails a big elbow drop but won't go for the pin.


EY keeps Angle down and goes back to the top. EY finally goes for a pin and Angle kicks out at 2. EY drops Angle on his head again and takes him to the top for a super piledriver. Angle lands on his feet and this leads to the ankle lock. Angle drops down and tightens the hold. EY grabs the bottom rope but must have forgot the stipulation. Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring and EY eventually taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

- After the match, Angle gets to his feet and celebrates before we go to replays.