– We get a video for tonight’s main event.

Triple Threat for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. Ethan Carter III

We go to the ring and out first comes special referee Jeff Hardy with his face paint on. Drew Galloway is out first. Matt Hardy is out next and we see his wife Reby Sky and baby son at ringside. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III is out last with #1 contender Tyrus right behind him. Ethan gets in the faces of both Drew and Matt, taunting them with the title. We get formal ring introductions by JB.

Matt gets his brother to eject Tyrus from ringside before the match. Ethan gets pissed and goes at it with Hardy. Galloway with an early roll up. Ethan is down as Galloway and Hardy go back and forth now. Ethan comes back in and Galloway headbutts him down. Galloway and Hardy go at it again. Matt with a neckbreaker and shot from the corner for a 2 count as Ethan breaks the pin. More back and forth. Ethan with nice dropkicks to both opponents. Ethan gets in Jeff’s face and has words with him. Drew and Ethan go at it as Matt was sent to the floor. Galloway with big chops to Ethan. Ethan comes right back with a 2 count. Galloway nails a crossbody in the middle of the ring. Hardy comes back in and unloads on Ethan after hitting clotheslines on both. Ethan blocks a Twist of Fate and tumbles to the floor with Matt.

Hardy and Ethan brawl on the floor until Galloway leaps out. Ethan pushes himself out of the way and Matt gets taken out. Ethan goes under the ring and sets a table up at ringside. Ethan steps onto the steel steps with Galloway and looks to powerbomb him through the table. Galloway counters and drops Ethan bad onto the steps. Galloway brings it back in for a 2 count as Matt breaks the pin. Galloway scoops Hardy but Hardy counters. Matt takes Galloway and Ethan down at once and puts Galloway on top of Ethan. Hardy goes to the top and comes crashing down for a 2 count. Ethan blocks a Twist of Fate and pushes Matt into Jeff. Jeff goes down and Matt hits the Side Effect on Ethan. Matt covers for a 2 count but Jeff is down. Matt goes to Galloway now but gets hit with a Future Shock DDT. This leads to a 2 count by Ethan. Ethan goes back to the floor with Galloway and puts him on the table. Ethan goes to the apron and suplexes Matt out of the ring, onto Galloway and through the table. Fans chant for TNA.

Ethan brings Matt in the ring and hits a TKO for a 2 count. Drew comes in and clotheslines Ethan. Drew unloads with tons of chops and punches on Ethan in the corner. Hardy with a clothesline on Galloway and a 2 count. Hardy goes to the top but Galloway crotches him. Galloway with a chop. Galloway climbs up for a superplex but Hardy turns it into a Tree of Woe. Ethan comes over and chops Galloway while he’s upside down in the corner. Galloway ends up sending Ethan and Hardy to the mat. All three trade shots from their knees now. They get up and continue trading chops. Ethan nails a double One Percenter for a 2 count on Drew and then a 2 count on Matt.

Ethan has words with Jeff and pushes him twice. Ethan dares Hardy to throw the match out and kicks Galloway below the belt. Jeff tells him to fight. Ethan brings a chair in the ring. Ethan yells at Jeff and tells him Matt’s blood will be on his hands. Jeff snatches the chair from Ethan before he can swing it. Jeff tells Ethan to finish the match like a man. Ethan yells at Jeff to hit Matt with the chair. Ethan slaps Jeff. Jeff decks Ethan with the chair and smacks it over his back. Jeff lays Ethan out. This leads to Matt laying out Drew for the win and the title.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Matt Hardy

– After the match, Matt celebrates in the ring with his wife and baby. Jeff brings their dad in the ring to continue the celebration. We see Ethan go backstage screaming at Dixie Carter and John Gaburick. He decks Gaburick, sending him over a table, and gets in Dixie’s face. Ethan storms off through the backstage area as we go back to the Hardy party in the ring. Bound For Glory goes off the air with Hardy celebrating.