TNA Bound For Glory: Trevor Lee And Brian Myers Vs. The Wolves (Tag Team Title Match)

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Trevor Lee and Brian Myers vs. The Wolves

Trevor Lee and Brian Myers make their way out first followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Lee and Myers attack The Wolves to start the match.

Lee and Myers control most of the match early on. At one point Davey comes in off a hot tag and unloads on Myers and Lee both. Davey with kicks on Lee for a 2 count. Richards goes to the top for a stomp but misses and rolls through. Lee with a big shot to the jaw. Richards ends up hitting a t-bone suplex that sends Lee out to the floor. Richards goes to hit a dive but Myers trips him. Eddie runs in and stops a double team. The Wolves clear the ring and nail a double suicide dive. The Wolves double team Lee and Davey hits the stomp for a close 2 count as Myers breaks the pin.

Eddie comes in and Lee fights them both off. Eddie drops Lee into a kick from Davey. Lee counters a move from Eddie for a 2 count. Lee with a big knee to Eddie's face. Myers comes in and drops Eddie. Lee follows up with a German for a close 2 count as Davey breaks it. Davey sends Myers into the barrier outside. The Wolves finally retain after all four are in the ring.

Winners: The Wolves


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