TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Matt Hardy Vacates Belt, New Title Series, Former Champ Returns, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

BFG recap video tape airs.


We then find out in a series of videos that Ethan Carter, protesting his title loss, has taken out an injunction against Matt Hardy that will prevent him from defending the belt on Impact. He also tells his aunt Dixie she is dead to him now. Wow, that's some impressive legal work. How did Carter swing that? Is David Otunga his lawyer?

We see Matt at his home announcing he will abdicate the belt, he apologizes to the fans and vows to settle this score in the ring at some point in the near future.

Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan appear at a press conference and announce that they don't want TNA to go without a champion for months, so they plan to do a rather complicated world title series...which will probably take months to crown a new champion anyway. Yeah, this whole angle has been widely criticized over the web today...and it's hard to argue with the critics, frankly.


TNA has a wacky new virtual set. It looks like Josh and Pope are now presenters on the weather channel. They go over some of the tournament rules.

Drew Galloway does a short interview backstage. He calls BFG the best night of his career. He praises Matt Hardy for his victory, but he says this new tournament is his second chance at success. He will face Bram after the break.

Drew Galloway vs. Bram

There's a sidescreen where the guys talk about the match, which is rather interesting, if distracting. Fans are solidly behind Drew. There's a staredown and Drew goes for the headbutt, which leads to brawling. They lock up and get to the corner. Drew throws Bram onto the floor. Drew goes after him and they fight near the rail. Back in the ring, Drew goes for the lariat but Bram ducks it. Drew hits a clothesline while Bram complains about Drew on the sidescreen thingy. In the match, Bram drags Drew to the outside and hits his head off of the steel steps. Ref starts a countout but Bram gets back in. Bram continues his assault on the outside. Bram drags Drew back in the ring and goes for the pin, but only gets a two. He puts Drew in a chinlock. The fans chant for Drew and he is able to fight back with some punches. He gets the scoop powerslam on his opponent. They head for the outside again and Drew holds Bran in place so some fans can chop him. He stomps his head on the steel steps and hits a spulex. Back in the ring, Drew hits the Yakuza kick and gets the win. He has gained 3 points.


Winner: Drew Galloway.

Gail Kim talks about becoming TNA World Champion, which yes, is a real possibility due to the way this tournament is set up. She will face Brooke next.

We get a post-match interview with Drew. He praises Bram's aggressiveness and says the match was a real battle.

Brooke Adams vs. Gail Kim

The girls talk about the match on the split-screen. Lock up to start things off. Gail gets the standing headlock but Brooke battles out of it. Gail goes for the twirl scissors but Brooke is able to counter it. She gets a two count. The two continue to brawl and Brooke gets a broke toe hold and an arm wrench. Gail tries to hit a eat defeat but Brooke escapes. She goes up top for the the facebuster but Gail is able to get out of the way. Gail hits an elbow as Brooke is trying to recover. She goes the eat defeat again but Brock pushes her off. Gail goes for the submission but Brooke counters with the small package and gets the win. Gail looks absolutely stunned. Three points for Brooke.

Winner: Brooke Adams

Ethan Carter III is still mad. Why doesn't he just an injunction against this tournament? He trashes Aries, who he faces tonight.

Spud vs. Grado

Spud won a short comedy match with the stone cold stunner. Spud actually chokeslammed Grado at one point and did the worm. Grado, meanwhile, did his best Kurt Angle impression and put in the Ankle lock.


Winner: Spud

Josh and Pope talk about Aries vs. Carter. They wonder if Tyrus intended to get involved.

Ethan Carter vs. Austin Aries

Rosita is back and out with Aries, interestingly enough. They're calling her "Thea" (her real name). She looks great these days. Anyway: Circle and lock up to start. Carter holds on a headlock, while Austin battles out and hits the snapmare. Earl Hebner calls for a break. Another lock up. Carter boasts about the best wrestler ever. Rosita cheers Aries on. Austin hits an armdrag and stomps on Carter. Carter backdrops Aries and tries to get out of the ring. The two brawl on the stairs and Aries throws some forearms. Carter is tossed back into the ring again. Tyrus looks to get involved and Aries jumps on him. Carter hits him with the knee while he's distracted. They get back in the ring and EC3 hits a slam, but only gets a two. Carter hits two elbows but still can't pick up the three count. Headlock. Aries fights back with punches and tosses Carter out of the ring. He hits the suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring and the exchange various moves. Aries hits a 450 splash for the two. Tyrus trips up Aries to help EC3. Carter hits a powerbomb and gets the two count. Rosita gets involved and tries to help Aries. Aries tries to go for the Last Chaucery as Ethan scrambles to run out of the clock. Ethan tries to go for the one perfeceter but Austin counters it and tries to go for the brainbuster. Carter gets out of it. Clock runs out. One point for each guy. Good match. The closing moments were particularly dramatic.


Winner: Draw due to the time running out

Carter and Aries fight after the match and Austin nails a brainbuster on him. Next: Anderson talks about his match with Lashley. He calls him tough. He says he thinks he's in the hardest tournament group.

Promo with Austin Aries and Rosita. Aries wows to win the tournament.

Awesome Kong vs. Madison Rayne

Kong won a short match with the Impact Buster. Rayne tried, but it was obvious she never had a real shot. Out of all the knockouts gunning for the world belt, Kong might be the only one who could feasibly take on the guys and be a credible champion. Giving her the title would a compelling idea and a nice counter to WWE's Divas Revolution.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Lashley talks about being honored to be the top and toughest group. He says he likes Anderson, but he will also beat him tonight to get the belt. He will become the champion. This was fine, but Lashley's standards.

Jeremy Borash talks to Matt Hardy live backstage. Matt explains he's giving up the title and acquiescing to Ethan Carter III because Carter has threatened to drag Jeff into a ton of legal issues for attacking him at Bound for Glory. Matt is vacating the belt to protect Jeff. We all know Jeff has had enough legal troubles is his life, so this does make sense. Matt does say he will still be in the world title mix though and will be entering the tournament. This whole angle is a bit odd, to say the least.


Ken Anderson vs. Bobby Lashley.

This was decent enough main event but I think they should have put on Carter/Aries last. Lashley won with the spear when he was able to counter Anderson's mic check spot and the boot. There was some solid mat work from both early on and Lashley is coming into his own as a babyface. The tournament isn't the best idea in the world, but at least Impact will have some good wrestling, I guess.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

The announcers hype up next Wednesday's show and Matt Hardy's return.