TNA Impact Wrestling Results: World Title Series, Ethan Carter III, Roode Vs. Storm, More

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's show, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

Josh runs down the World title series groups and the rules system. Matt Hardy vs. Davey Richards (Group Tag Team Specialists) is the first match of the night. Storm and Roode (Team Originals) will main event.

Matt Hardy vs. Davey Richards

Josh tells us that Matt has a new T-shirt out. "Boundless Honor." OK, that sounds like a bad romance novel. The guys talk about the match on the split-screen. Lock up to start things off. Matt goes for a headlock as Davey leapfrogs out of it and hits a dropkick. Davey tries to lock the leg. Matt gets out of it and they fight on the apron, as the crowd goes crazy for both men. Matt hits the side effect. He gets a two count. Matt continues his assault with the snapmare. Another two. He gets Davey in the sleeperhold. He still can't get the win. Matt goes for the Irish whip, Davey reverses it and goes for the ricochet elbow outside of the ring. Matt goes for a suplex but Davey battles out of it. Davey hits a suicide dive. Sending Matt back in the ring, he then goes for a missle dropkick. He goes for the enzuguri. Matt tries the twist of fate. Davey is able to counter and hit a backslide. Earl counts a two. Side effect from Hardy. Another two. Davey goes up top for a dropkick but misses. Matt catches him and hits the Twist of Fate for the win. He's got 3 points. Davey is annoyed.

Winner: Matt Hardy

TNA airs a Beer Money promo video. It's an interesting look at how far both guys have come.

Borash heads up the X division roundtable with Tigre Uno, Mandrews, Zema and Manik. He asks who they all think won't advance and things get heated.

Kenny King vs. Aiden O'Shea

Aiden goes after King almost right away. They two start brawling with kicks and punches. Splitscreen is on and Kenny says how much he loves to fight. Aiden smashes Kenny's head into the buckle and continues to go after him with various jabs and kicks. He laughs in King's face and hits him with an elbow. He smashes his face into the buckles again. King is able to fight back with a spinning heel kick. Crowd behind him now. Aiden tries to poke him in the eye. King gets out of the ring and comes back in with a fantastic springboard summersault. He picks up the win. This was a decent enough match but never really had the time to get properly going.

Winner: Kenny King

Promo from Eric Young. He will be facing Abyss next. Young says he is the one who controls the fate of the TNA World Championship and tonight he will get a step closer to getting it.

Interview with Davey Richards. He says he doesn't want to make any excuses. Matt was simply the better man.

Borash does another round table. This time with Group Originals. Roode insists Eric is too mentally unstable to win. Eric gets mad and says Roode is intimidated by him and knows Young can beat him whenever he wishes. Storm says Abyss can't advance because he doesn't have initiative and always needs someone around to tell him what to do, hinting at their . Abyss vows to take out Storm. Will Abyss get involved in the main event? The implication was there.

Eric Young vs. Abyss

Abyss won with the black hole slam to get himself three points. The ending came about when Abyss got out Janice. Earl tried to take her away and when his back was turned, Young went for the low blow. He then tried to get a piledriver but Abyss was able to nail his finisher. Three points for Abyss.

Winner: Abyss

Josh Matthews interviews EC3 on Skype. He says he was robbed of the world belt. He says the series will end with him getting back what is his. He says he will defeat Lashley on next week's episode and reminds us he's done it before. Not sure what to make of the Skype format but this was fine.

We see Eric Young. He's furious and says the world is out to get him. He promises to go on and win. Abyss tells Storm and Roode he will take them out, like he just did with Young.

Robbie E. vs. Eddie Edwards

The two shake hands prior to the bell. Matt Hardy says on the splitscreen that he doesn't think Robbie can advance in the competition. Lock up. Robbie E goes for the headlock as Edwards uses his athletic skills to try and flip out of it. Edwards gets control and slams Robbie into the corner, attacking him with elbows. Robbie counters with a slam. Edwards hits an atomic drop and gets the two. Edwards tries to hit a smear but Robbie E ducks out of the way and Edwards runs into the turnbuckle. Robbie E capitalizes with a big clothesline. Eddie kicks out. Eddie hits the hurricanrana and kicks Robbie E out of the ring. Back in the ring they exchange chops and lariats. Robbie gets the boom drop but Edwards kicks out at two. Edwards goes for the knee enzuguri but Robbie E hits the death drop for the shock victory.

Winner: Robbie E

Edwards and Robbie E show sportsmanship and shake hands. Robbie is over the moon about his win.

We see another Beer Money video. Roode acknowledges his King of the Mountain, but he has never forgotten being world heavyweight champion and wants that belt as well. He says he and Storm have history. He wonders which one of them wants it more. He says he is sure he does.

Robbie E talks about his win. Eddie is being classy but says next time they fight he will come out on top. The announcers hype up Lashey and Ethan Carter next week on Impact.

Group Future Four roundtable. Drake heels it up a bit, while Borash tries to hype the group. Drake tries to goad Micah. Crimson and Drake trash talk as well. Everyone seems out to get Drake.

Shera vs. Crazzy Steve

Shera won in under two minutes with the Sky High for the quick victory. He is now leading group Wildcard.

Winner: Shera

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

A lock up to start things. Light "Beer Money" chants. Ref tries to force them to make a clean break. Crowd chant for Roode. They're into this. Roode tries to get in the headlock, but Storm gets out of it and leaves the ring for a few moments. Roode looks annoyed. Back in the ring, Storm hits a headlock and taunts the fans. Roode shoulders out and hits an elbow. Roode hits a dropkick. Storm leaves the ring again, visibly annoyed. Roode heads out after him and tries to grab his hair and gets him back in the ring. Roode throws Storm into the barricade to the delight of the ringside fans. Storm is dragged back into the ring. Storm with the low blow. Storm takes the fight to Roode in he corner and is going crazy with the punches and kicks. Storm with the snapmare and headlock. Roode beaks free, but Storm gets the back elbow for the two. Eye of the storm from Storm and another chinlock. Roode gets out of it and hits the spinebuster but only gets the two. Storm hits the head-scissors and gets a two. Storm goes to the outside and grabs a chair and throws it into the ring. Roode picks up the chair but the ref stops him and takes it away. Storm nails Roode with the cowbell, but can only manage a two. Storm is absolutely stunned and enranged. He goes for the Last Call but is unable to get it. He tries the Eye of the Storm but Roode counters with the fisherman buster. It's over. Good match.

Winner: Robert Roode

The announcers hype up Lashley/Carter and Mr Anderson/Aries on next week's edition if TNA Impact on Destination America as the show ends.


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