John Corrigan has an interview with Tommy Dreamer, who was promoting the House of Hardcore 10 event on November 13th. Below are a few highlights:

Working NXT shows in Philly:

“About two days before, I got the call. At the time, NXT was the hottest promotion out there so I was pretty excited. I got to face that kid Baron Corbin?I think the world of him. He’s very talented. And that surprise factor of me being there, it’s something I take pride in with my own company. You know, I don’t get nervous before walking out there, it’s just that two seconds of doubt where I pray, please let them remember me. And then I walk out there, and everybody’s screaming, it takes me back to being that 28-year-old kid with a full head of hair.”

His response to Alberto Del Rio’s WWE return:

“Shocked. Especially considering that he’s the AAA Mega Champion. It’s funny, all of the surprises on my shows end up going back to WWE. The Dudleys, Alberto, maybe Rey Mysterio will be next. It’s a crazy, crazy time in pro wrestling right now. But you always have to remember to never say never.

“That’s why I’ve always loved the Royal Rumble. It’s not just about who is going to WrestleMania, it’s about okay, who is coming out next? In the 70’s and 80’s, it was always cool seeing somebody from a different territory come out and you’re like, whoa, he doesn’t belong here! You just never knew what could happen.

“And ECW really started that surprise element when we invaded Monday Night RAW. It became must-see TV. Hell, I still remember when Ric Flair came to WWE with Bobby Heenan and the NWA World Title. It’s those magical, organic moments that I like to give to the fans who support us as a thank you.”

Tajiri at House of Hardcore:

“I still keep in contact with pretty much everyone and had been thinking of him. He’s been wrestling pretty much full-time in Japan and is actually finishing up his acupuncture degree. I was with him in Japan recently and he said he’d love to come to the show. He said he hasn’t been to Philly in like 10 years, and that’s really where his career kicked off. He said after this show, he’d probably never be back again. It was so cool to see how humble and moved he was. And we’ve got some great opponents in Eric Young and Ethan Carter III.”

Dreamer also talked about if he’s having fun in semi-retirement, his reaction to the Dudleyz returning to WWE, wrestler books, his favorite Halloween costume and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Wrestledelphia