Triple H On NXT Main Event Being Called "Iron Man" Instead Of "Iron Woman," Says Lita Helped

Triple H participated in a media call yesterday to promote tonight's big NXT TakeOver: Respect show. During the call, Triple H spoke out about the women of NXT, how they're portrayed, and why they called tonight's main event an "Iron Man" match instead of an "Iron Woman" match.


When asked about the possibility of NXT and WWE female competitors being put into more gimmick matches, Triple H says that he thinks that will happen.

"I think the opportunity is there for them to be competitive on every level. I don't know that we should look at them any differently than we look at any other competitors. I think those opportunities exist and we'll see where they go.

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Triple H also responded to the much debated questions about why the Bayley vs. Sasha Banks main event is being referred to as an "Iron Man" match as opposed to an "Iron Woman" match

"One thing I do want to say is (the caller) mentioned, "Iron Woman Match." This has been something I've seen debated on the internet. When we made the plans to do this I asked the question, "So, is it 'IronMan' or is it 'IronWoman Match'?" Ee all debated it. I felt like, look, if you compete in the triathlon, what's it called? The triathlon IronMan competition. If you win it as a woman I'm pretty sure you win "The IronMan." You don't win "The Iron Woman." You just win the IronMan. So, that was my stance on it. Everybody kind of weighed in. I asked Lita what she thought and she thought to call it Iron Woman would be derogatory towards women. It's an IronMan Match. That's what it is. I want to do the same match the guys do. It's an IronMan Match. And I said, "Well there you go it's an 'IronMan Match'." So, everybody that's complaining, everyone has their opinions, but whoever wins is going to win the 'IronMan Match' and that's just the way it is. It's not derogatory, it's not anything else. They want to compete in the same thing and that match is called an 'Iron Man'."


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