Triple H Talks About Finn Balor Asking For Permission Before Tweeting TNA Photo, Why They Were There

We reported over the last weekend the light hearted jabs Finn Balor had been taking at TNA while in Nashville and Louisville. On Tuesday's media conference call, Triple H opened up about the situation, and said it was all in good fun.

Triple H explained why the group of NXT wrestlers happened to be by TNA's offices, and said it boiled down to the fact that they needed a gym in the area that was up to standards. That gym happened to be near TNA offices.

"It's funny," said Triple H. "Here's the reality of it whether anybody wants to believe this or not. When our guys are on the road, it's beneficial for us to travel them by bus. It works out better. We do that depending on the market. When they all landed in Nashville, the bus picked them up. We give directions to the company as to what our needs are and the need is to take them to a gym of a certain caliber. They did and they brought them to the gym. When the bus pulled up out front the gym just happened to be right next door to TNA's offices."

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Triple H then went in to detail about Balor's sense of humor, saying that Balor even sent him the photo before tweeting it out.

"Finn has a very large sense of humor and thought it would be quite entertaining to jump out of the bus and of course just get under the sign and take a photo. He immediately sent the photo to me with a tag at the bottom that said, "Hope you don't mind if I tweet this out." He's having fun. People take stuff too seriously. He's having a great time and people fire back and whatever. It's creative and it's fun, good spirited and it is what it is. If people blow up over it or think whatever they want, that's their business."

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