Wrestling Inc was on this afternoons' media conference call in promotion of November 14's UFC 193. UFC Champions Ronda Rousey and Joanna Jedrzejczyk were on the challengers Holly Holm and Valerie Letourneau. You can hear the full media call above.

* Ronda Rousey hangs up after being asked a question about Travis Browne.

* Holly Holm: Jon Jones and I have the same team and I love to hear his input. He has been very helpful in this fight camp.

* Joanna Jedrzejczyk credits kickboxer Ernesto Hoost for being an influence on her career.

* Joanna to Valerie Letourneau: I'm not Maryna Moroz, I'm not Jessica Rakoczy, you better know that.

* Letourneau says that she can make 115 pounds.

* Holm puts over her coaches at Jackson-Winklejohn.

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* Holm says she doesn't mind being the underdog for once against Rousey.

* Holm on Rousey: "Every style is different, every fight is different. She hasn't been defeated but that doesn't mean it can't happen"

* About 35 minutes into the call, UFC PR head Dave Sholler came to the call to announce that Rousey wouldn't return to the call.

* Holm: "For this fight I've spent more time doing active training...I've done more gameplan."

* Holm says she was relieved the fight with Rousey got moved up to November from January.

* Holm on Rousey: "She definitely deserves the limelight she has. She's worked hard for it."

* Joanna Jedrzejczyk: "I hope in the future we have more shows with just ladies in the UFC."

* Letourneau: "You have no control over what happens in the fight but if you give 100% you'll have no regrets."

* Joanna and Letourneau go back and forth bickering. It's pretty entertaining.

* Holm: "If I sat and listened to all the negative things people are saying it would take it's toll on me."

* Holm: "The reason I have this fight is I have the capability and the ability to win.