UFC Fighter Doubts That CM Punk Will Ever Fight, Sheamus On How He'd Fare Against Conor McGregor

- As noted, Sheamus will be appearing on Angela Scanlon's Close Encounters show in Ireland tonight at 10pm on RTE2. During the show, Sheamus talked about UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor and their beef on social media. Sheamus said that he would "absolutely" take McGregor, but doesn't think that they would be allowed to fight.

"He was having a go at WWE in these interviews he was doing," Sheamus said, via The Irish Mirror. "The first couple of times I let it go but then I decided to have a bit of craic and banter with him. If someone's going to have a crack, that's fine.

"Would I take Conor McGregor? No, he's a lot shorter than me. I don't think we'd be allowed fight—a heavyweight and a lightweight. Would I take him (if I had to)? Absolutely. Course I would. No one could take me. No one's better than me. I could walk over anyone."

- In more MMA Twitter beef, Cathal Pendred, who was involved in a Twitter fight with CM Punk earlier this year, spoke to FOX Sports and stated that he doubts that Punk will ever actually fight in the UFC.

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"I said it recently, just seeing his more recent interviews around the UFC and stuff, I feel like he's not in it as much anymore," Pendred said. "I don't feel like his head is in it much anymore. Obviously, as he got deeper into the training and he got further down the line, he saw how much is involved in this and I think he realized he bit off more than he can chew.

"You can even see it now, when he first announced he was doing this he was at nearly every UFC in Vegas as a guest fighter doing the Q&A's and now he's nowhere to be seen. I do think he's kind of had a change of heart but the sad thing for him, the unfortunate thing for him is he said publicly he was going to do this. Unless he comes out and just buries his pride and says 'hey guys, I bit off more than I could chew, this is too much for me, I jumped in at the deep end and I can't swim'. We'll have to see. I wouldn't be surprised if he never fights."


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