Update On Alberto Del Rio's Status For Lucha Underground, Promotions Interested In Acquiring Him

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the status of Alberto Del Rio, now known as Alberto El Patron, is up in the air as it pertains to his deal with Lucha Underground.

Financial and creative reasons are said to be the cause of the issues. Patron was the highest paid member of Lucha Underground's roster, and he was told the brand would be built around him, something that didn't happen. The Observer was told that Patron's contract is one he could get out of.

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According to the report, TNA Wrestling has continued to reach out to Del Rio, and have told him that they would make him the biggest star in the promotion. The company is being cautious, however, as to avoid another situation like what occurred with Hernandez earlier this year.

New Japan is said to be interested as well, but they wouldn't use him if he continues to have ties to AAA. Del Rio's return to AAA has helped them see a financial upswing. WWE is also interested in him.

Wrestling Inc founder Raj Giri also spoke to Del Rio about Lucha Underground just a couple of weeks ago. Del Rio gave the impression that he was very much in the dark about the second season of Lucha Underground. You can hear that full interview above.


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