Vince McMahon Not Upset Over Blood At WWE HIAC?, What Brock Lesnar Did That Got Him Angry

- Regarding the reports of Vince McMahon flipping out backstage over the blood in last night's Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker match at WWE Hell In a Cell, apparently it was not the blood that he was upset over.

A source who was watching from close to the "gorilla position" last night reported to PWInsider that Vince was not upset over the blood but he wasn't thrilled to see it either. Vince did get upset when he ordered the doctor to go in the ring to clean up some of the blood and Lesnar pushed him away. This spot was 100% shoot and something Lesnar did in the moment as he was upset with the momentum of the match being interrupted.

Regarding a possible "blade job" in last night's match, Lesnar most likely would not have needed 9 staples to close a wound from a blade. With WWE's strict policy against blading these days, Lesnar was likely busted open the hard-way.

When Lesnar and Taker returned backstage, there was no incident with Vince calling them into his office or talking down to them in front of everyone.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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