Vince Russo's "Nuclear Heat": Low WWE RAW Rating, Why Seth Rollins Is Not Over, TNA Announcement

On the very first episode of Nuclear Heat, former pro wrestling writer / producer / performer Vince Russo takes a deep look into the ratings issues facing the WWE today. Having written wrestling shows for almost 2 decades, Vince looks at the pitfalls in the WWE Creative, and talks about what needs to be done to correct the issue. From there, he discusses what could be Dixie Carter's "big announcement" this coming Monday. He's loud, he's opinionated, but if he believes it he says it - no matter whose feathers are gonna be yanked!

In this episode, Russo talks about:

- WWE RAW hitting a 2.3 rating on Monday
- His problems with the WWE product
- What Vince McMahon once told him about ratings
- WWE booking for a 70 year old multi-millionaire
- UFC taking the WWE pay-per-view audience
- Why Seth Rollins is not over
- TNA's "big" announcement on Monday

and more!

You can check out the premiere episode of Russo's podcast in the video above, or on our audio channel below. You can also download the episode directly by clicking here. If you want to subscribe to the Wrestling Inc. audio channel, you can do so through iTunes as well as our RSS feed, which you can use to subscribe through any podcast app.


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