Vince Russo On How He Would Have Booked The Shield Reunion On Raw

On this week's Wrestling Inc Podcast, co-host Vince Russo offered up his feelings on how he would have booked the Shield's one night reunion on Monday night.

The Shield reunion created quite a buzz on social media, but ended up being a letdown to many fans, as Rollins abandoned his former teammates by feigning injury. Rollins was fresh off of breaking an extended losing streak.

"Rollins is the chickens--t heel, he's going to leave them high and dry, we've known that since the beginning of time. What if all of a sudden Rollins gets tagged in and Rowan does something to piss Rollins off? Rollins cleans Rowan's clock, tags Ambrose in and lets him get the 1,2,3? All of the sudden the show is going off the air, and I'm thinking about Raw as it's going off the air," Russo said.

Instead, Rollins abandoned Ambrose and Reigns. While Reigns and Ambrose eventually stood tall, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion ran to the back.

"Before you go to break, you have that little vignette in the back where Ambrose and Reigns say 'you try anything in the ring, we're gonna kill ya. Either they're going to kill you, or we're going to kill you,' that's all you had to do," said Russo.

Also on the show Russo, Sean Ross Sapp and owner Raj Giri discussed this week's Raw, Sunday's Hell in a Cell, and CM Punk's Twitter hate. For a direct download, click here. If you want to subscribe, you can do so through iTunes and Stitcher as well as our RSS feed, which you can use this to subscribe through any podcast app. If you're enjoying the show, please subscribe and rate on iTunes!


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