Virgil Says He Sold Out Wembley Stadium And Started The NWO, Talks About Vince McMahon, More

Former Million Dollar Champion Virgil recently spoke to the Canadian Bulldog recently about his career, and in typical Virgil fashion, he was pretty eccentric. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

The highlight of his wrestling career:

"Me and Nailz selling out Wembley Stadium. We crushed that s–t!"

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Hulk Hogan:

"Hulk is a good guy. A good man. He never did anything racist to me, bro. We had a great run on top together and we are always there for each other. He was always around for me, bro. Hell, we started the nWo together!"

Vince McMahon:

"Love that man. HE is a mentor of mine. A Genius. Loves the business. I love him"