Why TNA Wanted James Storm For Upcoming India Tour, More On Live Event Tour Being Cancelled

- For the past three weeks TNA officials have been busy trying to lock-in the roster that they will be taking to India this year for TV tapings and live events. Officials wanted James Storm to go on the tour to help put over Mahabali Shera, according to PWInsider, as they recently feuded but it looks like Storm is focusing on his future with WWE NXT. As noted, Shera is being pushed as a part of the deal that has Sony SIX financing some of the India tour.

- We've noted via PWInsider how TNA canceled their "Hardcore Halloween" live even tour due to logistical issues, not ticket sales. TNA sources were insisting that the tour was not canceled due to low ticket sales.

However, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio today that those reports are incorrect, perhaps put out by TNA on purpose, and that the shows were canceled due to bad ticket sales.


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