William Regal On Keeping Eyes On Non-WWE Talents, WWE Hopefuls Who Don't Study The Biz

- Robert Leigh from talkSPORT has uncovered a previously unpublished interview he did with WWE NXT General Manager William Regal two years ago in London. The full interview can be heard at this link. Some of the quotes still apply today, as seen below:

WWE hopefuls who whine on social media or don't take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available:

"Shame on them, they're all ponies. They don't belong in this business."

"If you're not studying about your job if you want to be in this, or have a lasting career in this, you're a div. This is ever-evolving, you've got to know how to make yourself fit into this. If you don't know what's coming through the door, you're a fool. I know everything that's out there that's worth knowing about."

Keeping an eye on non-WWE talents:

"I'm familiar with everybody, that's what I do. You have to be. You'd be a proper fool if you weren't looking for who's out there. I'm a wrestling fan - before I was a wrestler, I was a wrestling fan. I like watching wrestling. You hear about people, you look them up, you watch them and you want to know: 'Is he any good?' That's what I like to do."

Source: talkSPORT


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