WINC Podcast: Did HBK Hurt Rollins? Stone Cold, Luke Harper In Trouble? Vince Russo On CM Punk, HIAC

Hosts Sean Ross Sapp and Raj Giri and Vince Russo! are back to recap the go-home Raw for Hell in a Cell Topics include:

3:00 Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman
8:30 Where were Orton, Kane and Harper? Is Harper in trouble?
11:00 New Day beats Dudleyz and Cena, but don't keep their heat.
15:00 Divas Revolution Talk.
17:45 Did HBK bury Seth Rollins?
26:30 A very European six-man tag match
29:00 Who will face John Cena at Hell in a Cell?
31:04 Owens/Henry/Ryback situation, what's up with Ryback?
39:00 Shield reunion! What went right, what went wrong?
43:00 Kane isn't on the show. Why?
45:00 Hell In a Cell Preview
50:00 Vince Russo's Block-O-Rama
52:45 TNA, Great Khali, India. Also, UFC Roster Cuts
55:00 Reader questions

And much more, including Vince Russo explains how he deals with Twitter hate.

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