WWE 2K16 Questions Answered: Cesaro Booed, Kevin Owens Rated Higher Than Reigns, CAS, Lowest Rated

Following our full review earlier today, we've received dozens, if not hundreds of questions about WWE 2K16 on Twitter and our comment boards. We've added some more answers to questions, observations and notes about the game, which you can see below.

* Despite not wrestling since March 2014, Christian is still listed as an active wrestler in the game, and on the Smackdown roster. As we mentioned earlier, Christian was moved to the alumni section of WWE.com.

* Nikki Bella's crowd reaction is set to "cheer" by default, while Cesaro's is set to "boo."

* Kevin Owens (91) is rated higher than Roman Reigns (90).

* 50 percent of the current WWE/NXT Champions (Charlotte, Bayley, Alberto Del Rio, NXT Tag Champs) are not in the game.

* John Cena is the highest rated character on the game at 95. Brock Lesnar and Steve Austin are rated 94. Paige and Stephanie McMahon are the highest rated Divas in the game, at 83.

* Cameron's 73 is the lowest rated diva in the game. Heath Slater is the lowest rated active superstar, at 78. General Adnan is rated 77.

* The Curb Stomp is in the game.

* Bobby Heenan, Brad Maddox, Gerald Briscoe, Jimmy Hart, Lana, Miss Elizabeth, Pat Patterson, Mr. McMahon, Paul Heyman, Rosa Mendes Sensational Sherri, Zeb Coulter are all managers in the game.

Are the CAS attires replenished after being reduced last year?

Adapting to the new pin system:

Diva animations and the Horsewomen:


Custom music:

Lack of TitanTrons for CAS:

Custom logos on the Community Creations:


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