WWE Diva On Vacation?, WWE Network Issues Last Night, NXT Back At "Loud" Festival, Triple H

- No word yet on where Naomi was last night but she did not work the WWE Madison Square Garden special or the WWE live event in Bangor, Maine. Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka represented Team BAD in Bangor. Jimmy Uso's Instagram account indicates that he and Naomi were with his daughter in Niagara Falls yesterday so she may be taking some time this weekend.

- There were lots of WWE Network issues with lagging and full screen playback during last night's Madison Square Garden special.

- WWE NXT will run more matches at the "Louder Than Life" festival in Louisville, Kentucky today. Triple H and Matt Bloom were overseeing Saturday's matches, which will reportedly air on the WWE Network soon. Triple H flew from Louisville to New York City for last night's MSG special, as seen below:


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